Ed and Barb Tanski
Buttercup Woodlands Campground
854 Evans City Road
Renfrew, PA 16053
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Hello Camping Friends,

It has been a while since we have added a current letter to the website. Sometimes things fly
by and we forget about updates which is why we are using Social Media a lot
. If you are
looking for up to date information check out our Facebook Page as that is updated regularly.
We hope that you have all been enjoying this crazy winter weather we are having. We never
know day to day what is going to happen next
. It seems we might be seeing some of a break in
the weather here.

But on the bright side, camping season 2018 is just about here! It might not seem like it is
flying by but we feel like we have just closed the park as we have been busy in the park and
traveling for the business. We have been hard at work on finishing some upgrades to the park.
We have finished another section of the sewage lines. Working on project outlines and updates
to different things in the park. Unfortunately, the weather has been holding us from completing
some of those projects.

There are some new features to campersAPP that will be available and have already been able
to be uploaded to the app. The app is now going to be 100% functional to the campground
and offer different features for everyone to enjoy. Along with that we have expanded our Social
Media to Instagram use! We are doing live videos and stories along with photo uploads with
instagram now! We hope you are all enjoying the upgrades and progress on getting our
information, name, and camping experiences out there to you all and to more camping families!
We are in the process of discussing the usage of an email chain that you will all have to sign up
for. We can send out copies of the Buttercup Press by email, it will be available in print and on
the app as well. With the email group all of your emails will be able to stay private and not
shared with anyone but we w
ill be able to get information out to you sooner rather than later.
We hope that us exploring this feature will an interest to everyone. Ask us more about this
feature in the office and we can either sign you up or get you aware of the process.

We participated in the Pittsburgh RV Show and the Erie RV Show this winter. Both shows were
fun and entertaining as we have already seen signs of new business, new RV's coming in, and
friends joining the camping fun! We hope to see more of that as time goes on
. But the RV
shows are not over just yet
. There is still a chance for you all to see the York RV Show held at
the York Expo Center March 9-11

We have the new 2018 PA Camping Directory books available as well as the 2018 Butler
County Official Visitors Guide available in the office! Check out these books to see what is new
to the area, and what offers you can take advantage of! There will be new brochures available
on the wall in the back of the office to share businesses close by!

Last year, we did a huge clothing line redesign and upgrade. We were pleased to say that the
clothing last year was a huge hit! We sold out of nearly everything we had in stock for you
guys. We are also excited to say that we have done that yet again this year. New looks, new
colors, new styles! We hope to be gett
ing that in soon to share with you guys. We think you will
like the color choices this year!

We have been actively working on the activity schedule for next year as well. We have new
things this year. We have brought in a new OJ, new Band called "The Pulse Band", we are also
going to be having a Night at the Races. Which Horse is going to win? We haven't completed
the activity schedule as of this year yet but it is just about finished
. If you would like to get a
head start on weekend planning and checking to see what is happening on what weekend,
head over to campersAPP and check it out
. The website will be updated shortly!

We were pleased to say that last year was a successful year. We had a lot of fun and we
certainly believe that you all had fun as well! We are looking for that same response this year as
well and will continue to try and make that our goal to make our camping family and friends
happy! This is what we do!

We hope to see you all soon and don't forget, Opening Day 2018 is Friday April 13, 2018 at
9:00am! See you then!


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